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A Bitwarden client for Sailfish OS that uses the official Bitwarden CLI in the background
All your sensitive data is stored in Sailfish secrets...
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Scripts for fail-safe and semi-automated upgrading of SailfishOS at the command line with logging...
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Keep yourself warm with a virtual fireplace!
The intensity of the fire can be controlled by swiping up and down the screen
Source code: https://...
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Nodejs® is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine Nodejs uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it...
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Foil Auth

Secure OTP (One-Time Password) generator for Sailfish OS
Its functionality is similar to SailOTP except that Foil Auth keeps secret authentication...
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Fahrplan (fork)

A Journey planner/Railway Time table for many train lines in europe and australia
Current supported backends are:...
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uchardet Command Line Tool
Version 007
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usage: txt2pdbdoc [-c] [-b] [-v] document_name filetxt filepdb
       txt2pdbdoc  -d  [-D] [-v] filepdb [filetxt]
       txt2pdbdoc  -V
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Watchlist allows you to track your favorite stocks in a watchlist Features are...
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Quake 2 (GLESv2)

WARNING:  Please read How To Play in description
SailfishOS port with onscreen touch controls, based on Thenesis Quake 2 (fork of Yamagi Quake 2)...
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The Alliance for Open Media’s focus is to deliver a next-generation
video format that is:
- Interoperable and open;
- Optimized for the Internet...
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TimeLapse Tools

Sailfish OS application for capturing and assembling time-lapse videos directly on the phone
Images may be captured by one of phone cameras, or...
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Barcode reader for Sailfish OS
Based on the original CodeReader app by Steffen Förster
At some point the original one just stopped working and I...
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OKBoard (aka Magic Keyboard) is a gesture based keyboard that allow single stroke typing Usage is explained in this video English, French and...
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Sport Tracker for Sailfish OS...
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Guess the WORDLE in 6 tries
Each guess must be a valid 5 letter word Hit the enter button to submit
After each guess, the color of the tiles will...
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German Weather Service

A Sailfish app to view the DWD, the German Weather Service
This is using the very pleasant to use apis at:https://brightskydev/demo/...
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SMPC [fork]

SMPC is an full featured Music Player Daemon (MPD) client, which is a port of symbian application qmobilempd, and created by djselbeck (https://...
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