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Journey planner for Helsinki, Tampere & Turku area - fork of Jopas originally forked from Meegopas
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Boxclip site
2D platformer engine using LÖVE and Lua forked from: https://githubcom/Jigoku/boxclip
Boxclip is a 2D platformer engine, with an...
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Vodman enables you to save videos from popular sites such as Youtube or Twitch to your device 
Simply copy the URL of the VOD to the clipboard Then...
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deep dungeon

A multiplayer generated platformer dungeon for lutro forked from https://githubcom/kivutar/deep-dungeon and ported to mobiles: https://codebergorg/...
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This app is an alternative youtube client You can watch videos and subscribe to channels Subscriptions are offline...
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SFOS Forum Viewer

Native viewer/browser for SFOS Forum
Icon by dseight
Source: https://githubcom/szopin/harbour-sfos-forum-viewer
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Taskwarrior manages your TODO list from your command line It is flexible, fast, efficient, unobtrusive, does its job then gets out of your way...
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Whisperfish is an advanced but unofficial Signal client Whisperfish should be in a usable state for many users, but is still considered beta quality...
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Simplified Alex Kidd clone ported to mobiles forked from https://githubcom/kivutar/lutro-onionkidd
Contributions welcome, feel free to clone the...
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A simple arcade game ported to mobiles forked from https://githubcom/kivutar/lutro-bobble
Contributions are welcome, feel free to clone this...
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Whisperfish shareplugin (SailfishOS 4.2 or below)

This package allows sharing images with your Whisperfish contacts This version works on SailfishOS lower than 43, from 30 to 42...
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Foil Notes

Foil Notes allows you to encrypt notes with a password stronger than the lock code Strictly speaking, each note is encrypted with a unique random...
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Hafenschau is an unoffical content viewer for http://tagesschaude for SailfishOS
I am not the publisher or creator of the content displayed in this...
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Star Phase (Fork from https://githubcom/Jigoku/starphase)
A top down / side scrolling space shooter made with Lua and Love2D
This app depends on...
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An UPnP Audio Media Renderer based on MPD
See https://wwwlesbonscomptescom/upmpdcli/ for more info
Sourcecode hosted on https://framagitorg/...
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A little tool to assist reporting bugs on https://forumsailfishosorg, following a more or less standardized template...
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Timer app offering 3 timers, inspired by my Maemo 5 (Fremantle) cooktimer creation
Supports hours/minutes/seconds Alarms are displayed via the...
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File Browser

File Browser is a comprehensive file manager for local files on Sailfish OS...
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