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Timer app offering 3 timers, inspired by my Maemo 5 (Fremantle) cooktimer creation
Supports hours/minutes/seconds Alarms are displayed via the...
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Multi Keyboard Layouts

This application adds multiple additional keyboard layouts (for SFOS 3) : English with a number row
French with a number row
English AZERTY...
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Kodimote (fork)

Kodimote is a remote control application for Kodi
Based on Kodimote by RobertMe/mzanetti and changes of accumulator
See changelog for additional...
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Donations: https://paypalme/piggz
This is an alt-tab switching application useful with BT keyboards on the Jolla Tablet (should also work on the...
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Pico Player

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ToeTerm is a terminal emulator, which is based on ThumbTerm and FingerTerm code base, but designed to use Sailfish OS specific interface and theme...
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Hasher is a universal application to calculate hash digests from various input formats It can also be used as a general-purpose bytes encoding...
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The Emoji+ Keyboard

Fork of https://openreposnet/content/penguin/emoji-keyboard
Thanks Penguin for all his work on this!Emoji keyboard extension for SailfishOS with...
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Godot JoyPad

This latest build of Godot Engine 31 for Sailfish OS + add support for Gamepads on SailfishOS!
Now its not fully support gamepads (but seems its...
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Watchlist allows you to track your favorite stocks in a watchlist Initial features are
Add / Remove Stocks to your watchlist
Search for new stocks...
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a shakeable sleep timer for media players on SailfishOS
Slumber is a sleep timer program for SailfishOS with sensors support
This means you can use...
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Православный молитвослов Православный календарь Язык русский Молитвы на церковнославянском языке
Orthodox prayer book and calendar Language...
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NOTE: this is first time handcrafting rpm on device so might be buggy, please report all you find and I'll try to squash them
Chat Client
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A simple native browser for SoylentNews, from version 14 uses the API Currently supported: browsing by topic, basic webview or ability to open...
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Patch: remove handle

A simple patch to remove the handle from the home screen and the launcher
Sources: https://githubcom/fravaccaro/sailfishos-patch-nohandle
If you...
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TwitchTube Beta

This is a preview beta version of TwitchTube 20, a new iteration of an opensource Twitch client for SailfishOS
Version 20 is a complete rewrite of...
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The Tracks application allows you to manage actions in your Tracks GTD todo application (http://wwwgetontracksorg/) with your Sailfish device The...
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QR Share

Sharing plugin for converting text to QR or Aztec code Works with eg Jolla Notes, Browser and Contacts
Source code: https://githubcom/monich/...
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