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Mike Portnoy's Shattered Fortress @ Tilburg, 013
A video impressions collage of the great gig of Mike Portnoy's Shattered Fortress at the 013, Tilburg on 2017-07-06.

No complete songs and not cut perfectly.
The gig was so overwhelming that I preferred to focus on the stage rather than my camera display. :-)

Mike Portnoy's Shattered Fortress - Impressions / 2017-07-06, Tilburg, 013
Home page backdrops
I just pimped the home page a bit and added a background slideshow with some of my photos.

Most are from vacations or other special occasions and I try to avoid displaying faces.

From time to time there will be further additions.

Enjoy! :-)
Spock's BeardD gig videos - Night of the Prog 2016
Some videos from the legendary Spock's Beard gig at the Night of the Prog festival 2016, playing the complete "Snow" album (and then some):

First 15 minutesSolitary soulLooking for answersRyo Okumoto soloI'm dyingFreak boy II
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